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Perhaps you’ve been reading about the shoplifting arrest of Harvard senior Caroline Giuliani, daughter of our ex mayor Rudy Giuliani and his wife Donna Hanover.

Caroline hasn’t had it easy, let me tell you. Starting when she was 6 years old, there was trouble.

I reported this story from April 27, 1995 in New York Magazine. That was the day Caroline was used by Daddy and his staff as comic relief to break up two presentations of the city budget — first to Wall Street and then to the press.http://tinyurl.com/297mvr8

Caroline was seated next to Rudy’s then girlfriend Cristyne Lategano, who was also his spokesman, during the morning presentation to Wall Street analysts. Lategano tapped Caroline on the back. The little girl ran to the podium and interrupted her father’s delivery of the grim budget news. Everyone laughed. The Mayor said, “Did you learn that from Andrew?” He was referring to Caroline’s older brother, Andrew, who’d famously interrupted a Mayoral speech earlier. The solemn mood in the room was broken.

Giuliani must have liked the effect. Later that day, at the press conference, Lategano did the same thing. She sent poor Caroline “spontaneously” to the podium at the same time as before. The Mayor said the same thing. “Did you learn that from Andrew?” Everyone laughed.

Last year, Caroline went against her father publicly and backed Barack Obama for president. It’s no secret that the former Mayor and his children are estranged. But considering that during their childhood Caroline and Andrew’s dad had two affairs while in office, they might be excused. Let’s just hope Caroline can get some help so she doesn’t have to act out her pain in public.

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  1. As fathers go, Rudy Giuliani is among the worst of the worst.

    Any parent who has even ONE child not speaking to them has FAILED as a parent. Period. If he spent as much time taking care to have decent relationships with his children he wouldn’t be estranged from them now.

    I was raised by a narcissistic mother, whose only joy was making me feel inadequate and useless throughout my childhood and as an adult.

    My only salvation came when I sought therapy and cut her out of my life.

    Andrew and Caroline have done it HALF right — cutting their father out of their lives was the smart move. All they each need now is to seek professional counseling. It works wonders in helping to realize that you are worthy of love and respect. I didn’t discover this until a nervous breakdown at the age of 43.

    A year later, I feel wonderful and free of the torment of a miserable upbringing.

    I wish the same for Andrew and Caroline.

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