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Was Dave Letterman punished by the Emmy Awards?

It sure seems like it. Until this year, Letterman’s talk-variety fests have always been nominated for Outstanding Variety Series. In the years when hosts have been nominated individually, Letterman’s name was always on the list.

This year, he’s been omitted. Only Letterman’s directors gained nominations. Otherwise, zilch.

Of course, this was the year when Letterman was rocked by scandal involving extortion and the on air admission that Letterman had sex with women on his staff. At the time Letterman seemed like he’d managed to handle the brouhaha by getting “in front” of it. But apparently the whole business didn’t go over well with the Emmys.

The Emmy committees obviously also didn’t care for Jay Leno’s behavior during the whole Tonight show debacle. Leno was totally ignored this year even though he had two shows to choose from. It’s especially embarrassing since the Emmys are on NBC this year. But that had little impact apparently on the committees.

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