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CBS may have cancelled the 54 year old soap, “As the World Turns,” but the show got the last laugh at the network’s expense tonight. It picked up three of the four major acting awards for Michael Park, Maura West and Julie Pinson in Best Actor, Best Actress, and Supporting Actress.

Even though CBS carried the Daytime Emmys, they still managed to kick dirt in “World Turns” direction. They ran a sad, minute long tribute to the show rather than focus attention on its cruel exit from TV. The acting awards will be a nice consolation to the cast and crew. But really: this Daytime Emmy show was an ad for Las Vegas. The soaps were an after thought.

If only Procter & Gamble, the main sponsor of “World Turns,” cared about the show.

coincidentally, CBS soaps won all the big awards for the night, including Best Daytime Drama and Best Writing to the otherwise incoherent show “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

For the umpteenth time in a row, the Daytime Emmys screwed Regis Philbin, even though they needed him for ratings as host of the awards show. He lost Best Talk Show to Dr. Oz and Best Talk Show host to Ellen DeGeneres. Boo-hiss. Sorry, Reege, you were robbed!

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  1. Regis most certainly did get robbed! Live’s ratings are so strong and he is hilarious!!! There is a wonderful chemistry there between him and Kelly and Gelman; it’s fun to watch and never fails to entertain! He is amazing for his age and there is no one like him, nor will there ever be! I just love when Joy is on! They are adorable together and so real! I love his show and have been watching since it’s national syndication.

    I am forever a fan of Regis Philbin! Go Regis! You will never know how much you have meant all these years to your fans!!!

  2. No need to be insulting Agile1. Yes Regis is older now, but we all are! And to somehow say that he is past his prime is just incorrect. Regis Philbin, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with many, many times, is always a consummate professional, and one of the most congenial and pleasant people around in the industry roday, and it’s unfair to attack him and call him senile.

    He and Kelly Ripa do a fine job each morning of making me forget my pile of problems with their cute banter at the top of the show. They are wonderful and deserve respect and an Emmy.

  3. Regis most definitely was not robbed of an Emmy. Have you watched him lately? He is getting senile and cannot remember basic facts. Time to retire before it gets really

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