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Timing is everything. And no one has worse timing than O.J. Simpson.

Yesterday he filed for an overturn of his conviction and for release from a Las Vegas prison. He’s serving a 9 to 33 year term for charges stemming from a hotel room heist that involved guns.

Today is the 16th anniversary of the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, his ex wife, and Ronald Goldman. A civil court decided he was responsible for the deaths. A criminal court jury, as we all know, acquitted him.

Having no sense of propriety or contrition, Simpson allowed his attorney, Yale Galanter, to file in the Las Vegas case on– of all days–the anniversary of this grisly murder. And even though Simpson was acquitted by the criminal case jury, he more or less admitted to the murders in his book, “If I Did It.”

The book, now owned by the victims’ families, maps out how Simpson carried out this tragic crime. Judith Regan, then publisher of her own book imprint at Rupert Murdoch‘s Harper Collins, paid Simpson almost a million dollars before anyone was the wiser. By the time it was discovered the money was gone–spent or hidden–and the victims’ families were unable to recover it as part of their judgment in the civil case.

During my coverage of the Simpson criminal trial for New York magazine, I was offered an explanation of the murders by a Harvard forensic psychiatrist and a writer who’d interviewed Simpson pal Al Cowlings. The scenario was that Simpson had been addicted to steroids all his life for rheumatoid arthritis. But in the weeks leading up to the murders, he’d stopped taking them cold turkey and had substituted a health drink devised by his friend, Dr. Christian Reichardt. The pair I spoke to concluded that Simpson was in steroid withdrawal.

In fact, when Simpson returned to Los Angeles from Chicago the day after the murders (he’d flown there approximately after they’d happened), his attorney, Robert Shapiro, replaced Simpson’s long time physician with Dr. Robert Huizenga, an expert on steroid use among professional athletes. A few years ago, when I asked Dr. Huizenga why he hadn’t discussed any of this when he testified in the trial, he responded: “They asked me the wrong questions.”

“My take, and what I say now, is that Simpson was innocent in the trial,” Huizenga told me.

“That doesn’t mean he did or didn’t do it. Let’s face it, the evidence is completely suspicious. Some guilty people are set free,” Huizenga said.

Huizenga told me he was shocked about how prosecutors treated him. His direct questioning by the state was from Deputy District Attorney Brian Kelberg, who worked for Marcia Clark.

“I told them that Simpson appeared to be limping when he came into my office. Instead of asking me about that, they said, ‘He wasn’t limping, you’re lying, we have tape of him from two months before.’”

Clark’s team never asked why Simpson had been limping, or what would have brought him to that point.

On the stand, Huizenga told Kelberg that Simpson walked into his office three days after the murders “like Tarzan’s grandfather.” Instead of exploring how Simpson could have come to be in that condition, Kelberg replied: “…perhaps Mr. Simpson was faking a limp in your office?”

“They assumed I was lying,” Huizenga said to me. “They didn’t ask me if it was possible that he’d been in the greatest fight of his life just a few days before.”

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  1. I could care less about O.J murdering those two people. Plenty of guilty people have walked free. It was just sensationalized because O.J. was a rich black athlete who killed his white wife and her white friend. It’s sad & pathetic but he’s already getting his karma, so whatever. The fascination with that double-murder is still baffling.

  2. Quite frankly, it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference what questions Dr. Huizenga was asked. That jury was going to acquit OJ even if they’d had a video of him committing the murders.

    As for Yale Galanter, he is a third-rate lawyer at best. And if the justices on the Supreme Court in Nevada know what is good for them, they’ll leave the “Brentwood Butcher” turned armed robber behind bars for the rest of his amoral, miserable, woman-beating life.

    It brings a smile to my face each and every time I think of OJ, now 63-years-old, sitting in an 8×11 cell remembering his nights at the Playboy Mansion, his glory days as an NFL player, as a two-bit actor, pitchman, and sports commentator—- who managed to become employed in each of those capacities — with a speech impediment so bad, that my friends and I used to call him “Mumble Mouth.”

    My sincerest hope is that the justices have enough sense to realize that there is no good to come from setting OJ Simpson free. He is WORTHLESS to society.

    If by some chance they do grant him a new trial, he should have to wait for it in the Clark County Jail — not home in Florida.

    In all the years since OJ murdered his wife and her friend, there’s been nothing from him to show a spec of remorse — when he KNOWS he did the murders!

    He’ll answer for it one day, when he meets his end and arrives in Hell — surrounded by his brethren — Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Jack the Ripper, Aileen Wuornos, and various child murderers and rapists.

    OJ is a lightweight compared to all of them. But somehow, I think he’ll fit in just fine.

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