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Oliver Stone is a busy man. On Friday, May 14th, he’ll debut “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps” at the Cannes Film Festival.

But he won’t be sticking around Cannes for long.

Stone will take his documentary about South American dictators, called “South of the Border,” to Madrid on May 18th for its worldwide premiere.

Ten days later he’ll show “South of the Border” in Caracas, Venezuela, to film buff and evil dictator Hugo Chavez and other officials at a premiere in that country.

From there, Stone will be all over South America with the film, described as a “political road movie.”  The tour includes the “first-ever film premiere” in Cochabamba, Colombia. (A red carpet always seems more official with machine guns!)

“South of the Border” features “intimate conversations” according to a press release with Chávez, Evo Morales (Bolivia), Lula da Silva (Brazil), Cristina Kirchner (Argentina), as well as her husband and ex-President Néstor Kirchner, Fernando Lugo (Paraguay), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), and Raúl Castro (Cuba).

So far, there are premieres set for each of these countries except for Cuba. But that’s the one–should it occur, and why not?–that would be the hot ticket.

The presidents of these countries will no doubt have controversial, anti-American things to say, many of which will then be ascribed to Stone himself. But I want to hear every word these guys have on their minds. “South of the Border” should be powerful and memorable, to say the least!

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  1. ‘Working class hero’ -phallic narcissist, son of school teachers
    Hugo Chavez DID once serve in an army —that never goes to war
    while Oliver ‘Son of Wall Street’ Stone —a genuine veteran,
    manages, along with the rest of our RED China sellout media
    to, once again, ‘mysteriously and completely overlook’ the
    staggeringly, urgently relevant 60th Anniversary of the
    KOREAN WAR —June 25th 2010.




  2. Excuse me,
    I believe the use of the word “dictators” is not only incorrect, but also extremely disrespectful to us south Americans, who voted and CHOSE those people to represent us. I am from Argentina, I voted for the current president (even if I may regret it now) and her presidency is in NO WAY a dictatorship.
    I really hope this is published and not banned.
    Things like these should NEVER be discussed lightly or forbidden. My country has been through the worst things ever with the last dictatorship (30 years ago) and to refer to the current times as something remotely similar to that is just too sad.
    Thank you,

  3. That counts as “busy”?

    He shows his movie in Cannes on Friday and then on Tuesday takes a 3 hour plane ride to Spain and sits in a theater while his movie unspools.

    He isnt actually making these movies- he is just in the room while they are playing.

    Most people I know who are busy are working every day. Not just showing up at a party in a new country once a week and being congratulated.

  4. Wow, this is very interesting. My family had to flee from Venezuela when I was a teenager due to Chavez’ regime. I’m really intrigued to see what angle Stone uses to approach this documentary, it has the potential to be brilliant (though after his disastrous “W” I’m not holding my breath)

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