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It seems like it should have already happened by now. Sting, the world renown rock star, is going to make his debut at the Metropolitan Opera.

He won’t be doing “Tosca” or “Aida,” though. Sting is going to bring himself and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra into the famed met for two nights — July 13 and 14– as part of his summer symphony tour. Those famous Chagalls in the front windows are going to get a taste of “Roxanne,” “Message in a Bottle,” and “Brand New Day” in bold new ways.

Well, nothing is new for Sting who has been in movies, on Broadway, led lute concerts, performed in sacred cathedrals, gone unplugged, plugged, you name it. He even performed in an opera in Paris written by Elvis Costello cohort Steve Nieve. Oh yeah, and he wrote a bestselling memoir.

Sting is currently on a symphony tour, but will also play the “Today” show plaza next month and host the Rainforest Foundation concert at Carnegie Hall. He’s also participating, with wife Trudie Styler, in a big Earth Day celebration on April 25th in Washington DC.

Sting is very busy and a man who tries to be in more than place at one time. That’s why I think it’s funny that Xerox is sponsoring the tour. Maybe they can help him!

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