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John Edwards‘ ex mistress and babymama Rielle Hunter is obviously not getting what she expected from the former U.S. senator.

First she did a sexy photo spread and interview with GQ magazine. Now she’s sitting down with Oprah for an hour long fess up during May sweeps. Edwards obviously has not come up with what Hunter demanded. The tawdry saga continues. (Let’s hope Oprah doesn’t bond with her the way she has with Kirstie Alley, Sarah Palin, and John Travolta.)

But sources in LaLa Land tell me that the big May sweeps finale of  Kiefer Sutherland’s show, “24,” would be much more exciting if Hunter’s “story arc” from the series were included. Sources there are still talking about Hunter’s days on their set and at their parties prior to (and during) her Edwards episode. She was quite popular — in fact, too popular.

According to sources, there was some surprise and anxiety expressed when Hunter’s pregnancy was revealed a couple of years ago. These insiders say Hunter had a close relationship with a member of the ‘24′ family–and I am not talking about Sutherland.

Hunter clearly came to Hollywood with dollar signs in her eyes when she divorced husband Kip Hunter in 2000. and moved to Hollywood. “It was clear,” says Emmy-nominated cinematographer George Mooradian, “that she wanted to be in the movie business.”

As I wrote in 2008:

In 2000, Lisa Druck re-emerged in Los Angeles as newly single Rielle Hunter, writer and producer of a 20-minute-long comedy called “Billy Bob and Them,” which she also acted in and self-distributed.

Mooradian worked on “Billy Bob and Them.” When he met Rielle, he said, she was just getting or had gotten a divorce.

He conceded he was paid about $50, if that, to shoot the low-budget film in Hunter’s “very nice” Los Angeles-area home that he supposed she’d gotten in the divorce.

The film, he said, didn’t have much of a plot. “It was very New Age-y. It had something to do with altars and temples and crystals.” The shoot lasted two days.

Mooradian told me: “She definitely had some connection to the Dalai Lama and Richard Gere, and there was an offer to meet the Dalai Lama.”

Things have definitely changed. Hunter’s name sends a cold chill up the spines of the ‘24′ gang– and their show is about terrorism!

And there is still a much disputed story about Hunter’s friendship with actor Jeff Goldblum before he got added to “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and moved to New York. Hunter denies it, but the LA peeps can’t stop talking about it.

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