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“Scrubs” is scrubbing out.

So star Zach Braff told me at the premiere this week of the great new film, “The Runaways.”

Braff, who came with a beautiful blonde girlfriend named Taylor, said: “We had a good eight years. It’s over. With me, or without me.”

He praised the cast of “Scrubs Medical School,” the ninth season edition of the show which moved to ABC. But like many shows that had one off final seasons on different networks–”Scrubs” moved to ABC from NBC–it was a pale reminder of past successes.

Think of “Archie Bunker’s Place” or “Get Smart” after Max and 99 had twins. Ouch!

Bigger news is that Braff, a New Jersey native, is moving back to New York. And he’s working on a new script for a film to direct. His “Garden State” remains a favorite indie. It’s about time to put his JD character from “Scrubs” into retirement and move on.

So long “Scrubs.” We’ll see you in syndication!

More from “The Runaways” premiere shortly…

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