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I’ve been telling you that Roseanne Barr wasn’t selling tickets for her May 17th date at MGM National Harbor in Maryland.

Tickets were lowered to $18 for the cheap seats. But still no momentum occurred. Roseanne’s TV show is dropping in the ratings, and fans weren’t biting.

Now, very quietly, the date has been yanked from the National Harbor schedule and moved to next fall, on October 12th. A notice on Ticketmaster.com says that tickets already sold will be honored.

It’s unclear if the move will change anything. National Harbor could have just cancelled altogether, but this way Roseanne saves face. For now. There’s no way of knowing if she’ll be hotter in six months.

On Wednesday we’ll get the ratings for “Roseanne” from Tuesday night’s episode in which the Conners– much like the Bunkers on “All in the Family” 40 something years ago– got new neighbors. This time, though instead of “The Jeffersons,” it’s Muslims. If “Roseanne” were really a Trump show, the family would be broken up and deported. But the reality is, “Roseanne” has spurned the Trump base it courted in its premiere week and headed for more moderate ground.

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