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“Breaking Bad” fans are no doubt chomping at the bit for the spin off series “Better Call Saul.” The AMC series will star Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks as Saul and Mike, two of the few people who didn’t get killed in the crossfire of “Breaking Bad.” in prequel roles. They reprise their roles as oily lawyers who will do anything to stay out of court. (Mike, thanks to notes from readers, was indeed killed during “Breaking Bad.”)

Now I’m told Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould et al have added some characters to the new show, which will revolve around the law office and the court.

They include regular players named Burt, Dr. Thurber, Beth, Eddie, and Zak and Luke.  Burt is described as a “Kennedy” type lawyer in a white-shoe law firm. Dr. Thurber and Beth are also supposed to be lawyers. Eddie is a career criminal, a cool guy who speaks Spanish. Zak and Luke are skateboarding twins around 20 years old.

There’s no word yet on whether Aaron Paul or any of the other “Breaking Bad” survivors will appear on the new show. It’s too early to say if this spin off will be a success like “Frasier,” or a disappointment like “AfterMASH.” But I really like Bob Odenkirk, and hope for the best.

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  1. C’mon, Roger… Jonathan Banks’ character, Mike, did get killed in Breaking Bad. Since Better Call Saul is a prequel it really doesn’t matter, but it seems that you’re not really up on this subject.

  2. You are a reporter of wit and integrity — and I know Better Call Saul is supposed to be a prequel to Breaking Bad — but you made a boo-boo. Mike DID get killed near the end of BB.

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