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As far as I can tell, Hilaria Thomas Baldwin didn’t Tweet during James Gandolfini’s funeral. I think the reporter for the Daily Mail, who is in Los Angeles, got the time zones confused. According to the time stamps on Hilaria’s Tweets, which are clearly marked for anyone to see, she Tweeted before and after the service. She re-Tweeted Rachel Ray, but the time stamp on that Tweet was from the original Tweet which Ray had sent out.

The funeral ran from 10:05am-to about 11:30am. Hilaria has a Tweet at 11:47am about making smoothies. I know that I was out of the church by 11:55am and I left after they did. I stopped and had long talks with Vince and Maureen Curatola, and with Aida Turturro.

The time stamps for the rest of Hilaria’s Tweets are 1:17pm and 2:09pm. I think the reporter thought these were at 10:17am and 11:09am. They were– but translated into his time zone. The funeral was long over by then.

Hilaria: The poor woman is seven months pregnant. It was sweltering in the church. I spoke to the Baldwins a few minutes before the service. She already looked like she was suffering from the heat. They had no air conditioning in St. John the Divine, just big fans that didn’t help. Occasionally there was a breeze.

Of course, I can’t address Alec Baldwin’s response. He clearly has anger management issues. But this constant nitpicking on people by so-called reporters with nothing better do must stop. I don’t know Hilaria Baldwin beyond small talk. But she seems like a very nice person. She certainly doesn’t deserve this treatment.

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  1. This so didn’t need to happen if the reporter wasn’t looking for something scandalous to meet his daily quota. Talk about inept reporting…who doesn’t know that your Twitter is adjusted for your local time zone? It’s right there in the Settings.

    Are there not enough real news stories that he is trolling Twitter, looking for celebrity reactions to a funeral? Yeah, there’s a hot news beat.

  2. He had a right to be upset but Alex Baldwin is clearly a homophobe and has been one for sometime. He seems to get pass because he supports liberal causes. A homophobe is a homophobe and advertisers like Cap One should beware because homophobia is bad business whether the spokersperson is a liberal or conservative.

  3. I dont think Alec has anger management problems. I think that he fiercely defends her and himself against a constant rampage of unprofessional idiots who don’t check facts, lie to the public and will do anything for a dime. Charlie Stark…your 15 minutes of fame are over – go crawl back under your rock.

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