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Exclusive: We’re sending prayers to The Big Man, Clarence Clemons He is said to be seriously ill after a stroke at his home in Florida. The legendary, magnificent saxophone star of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band has had health complications in the past and overcome them.  But this situation, as described to me this evening, sounds pretty dire. I am told that members of the E Street Band were advised to get down to Florida as soon as possible. Clarence has a history with Springsteen going back to the early 70s. It’s his trademark sound on “Rosalita” and other songs from “The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle” that established Bruce, and moved him from singer songwriter to R&B aficionado. By the time Clarence’s sax is heard on “Born to Run” in 1975, Springsteen’s entire trajectory is changed. More recently, in addition to working with Bruce, Clarence can be heard all over Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” album.

PS Thanks to everyone who gave us credit for this sad scoop–except of course the hacks at the Hollywood Reporter.

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  1. Big Man, hearing reports that you are showing signs of improving. God is looking down one of the good ones. Continue to get better. E Street Nation is praying for you!

  2. I pray, cry, pray, cry for clarence to recover…may I please send a Mass…. spiritual.wishes..he must have many flowers.I will find him…..God Bless You Clarence

  3. we are praying for you big man, I am sure Bruce would agree without you playing there would not be a E Street Band. We love you brother.we are from youngstown, O. NEED i SAY MORE.

  4. Keep strong Big Man my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    You are not ready to Hang up your Rock n Roll shoes we won’t let you.

    I the words of the Boss “I have seen the future of the whole fucking thing, and it’s Big Man Clarence Clemons!!”

  5. my prayerers are with you big man wou are a exclamation point of the E street band. Bruce knew what he was doing when he got you to join the band I sure the boss would agree threre would be no e street band without you love tou big man you will beat this

  6. Hang in there Clarence…You are the heart and soul of the magical music that you, Bruce and the E-Street band has delivered for 30 plus years! God Bless you Big Man.

  7. Just heard the sad news about Clarence Clemons. He is much loved at the Dockside Bar and Grill in the Florida Keys, where he would sit in with other jammers at our long-running Sunday Jam sessions. The prayers of all Docksiders go out to the Big Man!

  8. Who care who picked up the story first! A wonderful man is sick. All that matters right now is the power of prayer from his fans all around the E Street Nation.

  9. Our prayers and positive energy go out to the Big Man for a speedy and meaningful recovery in return for all the joy and inspiration he has given us thru his music.- Especially from our own budding “Little Big Man” sax student in our home.
    Anybody know where to address cards/letters?

  10. My prayers are with you Big Man. E-Street nation will be looking forward to your recovery. If we are walking a hand should slip free, I’ll wait for you.

  11. Big Man,

    You ARE the soul of the band and from one NJ guy to another, godspeed, get well, and know the entire Garden State has your back, brother!


  12. get better clarence we love you–you’re the best!! you cannot be replaced.your sax playing is awesome therapy.
    e-street fans—love you

  13. Wiping away the tears as I silently say a prayer for you, Big Man. Please feel the love from your entire, extended E-Street family. May God bless you and return you to us soon so that you may continue your mission of bringing love and joy to the world. We need you my brother. All my love and support.

  14. My prayers and thoughts are with you Big Man for a speedy recovery! And my prayers go out to Bruce and the band for all to be at peace, get through this together so one day you can all be playing together again!

  15. You are in my prayers Clarence, heard you on the radio first thing this morning when I awoke, immediately recognised your wonderful sound
    God bless you
    Maria x

  16. Big Man, you can’t possibly know what your music has meant to me, especially when I was a troubled teenager and I heard Born To Run and Darkness On The Edge Of Town. And because those albums gave me something to hold on to, I know that they also gave hope to other kids who were like me. Today I am a truly happy 50 year old man and I cannot think of those days without thinking of Scooter and the Big Man busting this city in half. Thank you, get well, Godspeed, you are so loved.

    Burbank, Ca

  17. Prayers going to Clarence Clemons for God to give him recovery from this stroke. Hopefully, this will not be too serious and that the doctors were able to successfully give him the TPA treatment that he needed to avoid the worsening effects of the stroke. Prayers to his family, friends, Bruce Springsteen, E Street Band as they wait for more updates on Clarence’s condition. Hang in there, you all! God will be with you thru all of this!
    Chari Mercier :)
    St. Pete, FL

    I will be PRAYING for you for a speedy recovery. I will be praying for you’re family as well. I believe in the power of PRAYER. Hang in there BIG MAN. May God Bless You and May You’re very own GARDIAN ANGEL be with you and protect you, in JESUS name. Amen
    Best regards,
    Nancy Ryan/RYAN ROCKS/Asbury Park, NJ

  19. Lots of prayers coming from Boston to Florida tonight…hang tough Clarence
    it’s all going to be illuminating! Love and hope!

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