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“General Hospital” actor Roger Howarth’s three character, decade long run has come to an end on the ABC soap opera.

Howarth confirmed today that his latest character, Dr. Austin Gatlin Holt, did not survive being shot twice on Friday’s show.

Howarth is saying goodbye for now. He’s been with ABC soaps on and off for 30 years. He did a few years on CBS’s As the World Turns, as well. But he’s mostly known from ABC’s “One Life to Live,” as Todd Manning. That character is alive somewhere and could return to “General Hospital” at any time.

Howarth brought Todd Manning to “General Hospital” originally when the other soap was canceled by ABC. But then legal problems arose because ABC had licensed the rights to “One Life to Live” to a streaming company, so Todd Manning was replaced by Franco (who was named for James Franco, the actor who’d originated that role but returned to movies).

Dr. Holt, however, follows Howarth’s previous incarnation, Franco, to the grave.

Never say never on soaps, and Howarth is a brand name.

Howarth wrote on Instagram:

Three things that I know for sure…

1 Daytime fans are lovely and amazing and supportive and dedicated and I am deeply grateful to each sparkly one of them.

2 I enjoyed my time at general hospital and wish the cast and crew the best and continued success. It was a pleasure working with you all.

3 Life is amazing. We just don’t Ever know what’s gonna happen. How great!

Turn toward the light. Always.

Huge thank you to you all.

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