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Disney is celebrating its 100th anniversary this week by releasing “Wish,” a new animated film.

So far the reviews are dismal. “Wish” has a 53 on Rotten Tomatoes, which has ranked all 71 animated Disney films. “Wish” is tied for number 58. It’s the lowest rated Disney film of at least the last 20 years.

“Wish” stars Chris Pine (who’s not having a good year — his directorial debut met with rotten tomatoes galore at film festivals) and Oscar winner Ariana deBose. Disney was counting on two songs from “Wish” getting Oscar nominations, which might be hard if the movie is a bust.

Variety wrote: “The strategy behind “Wish” seems to be: If we do an homage to enchantment, the audience will be enchanted. True magic, however, can’t be recycled.”

Disney may wish “Wish” never happened if Wednesday night receipts reflect these reviews. It doesn’t help for any of the Wednesday movies this week that really bad weather is coming for most of the country. Stay tuned…

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