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Get ready to say goodbye to “Blue Bloods.”

The CBS Friday night staple is wrapping its 14 season run next May.

The police drama stars Tom Selleck and Len Cariou with Bridget Moynihan among others. They all leave very rich and happy.

“Blue Bloods” was the perfect comfort food CBS drama, emphasizing family and lightly touching on serious subjects. It’s already a hit in syndication and will run for years in reruns.

The family drama surrounded the aptly named Reagans (apt since Selleck, a noted conservative became popular under Ronald Reagan). The show’s central theme was family dinners with the Reagans which included Selleck as the chief of the NYPD, and his children and father were also cops or the District Attorney. This was a New York fantasy, but the audience outside of New York ate it up.

How will it all end? At that dinner table, no doubt, with someone passing the mashed potatoes and handcuffs.

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