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Don’t angry with me, but the Rolling Stones are plotting their next and possibly final tour.

Antennae are up in the Stones universe for the Hackney Diamonds tour, which would make sense. The Stones have already invested a lot of time, money, and energy into the “Hackney Diamonds” album. The collection of songs has been much praised as their best record in 40 years.

The Stones are posting to social media enigmatic sign-ups so that fans won’t miss whatever is coming next. They’ve also added a post about the Las Vegas Grand Prix to Instagram.

It’s very likely that the group will follow U2 into the Las Vegas Sphere for a residency. This makes sense since the guys aren’t getting any younger. “Sitting down” in the Sphere would allow them the energy not to be constantly traveling all over the country.

A tour or a residency now would gross the group the most they’ve ever made, too. Imagine what the ticket price would be — and the scalping!

Apart from the Sphere, Mick Jagger won’t be able to resist big shows in New York and Los Angeles. “Hackney Diamonds” is built for touring. I can tell you that, having seen them in New York at the former Highline Ballroom a few weeks ago. They still have their live performance magic.

If they are indeed going to Vegas, I hope it’s by the spring and not the summer, when it’s 400 degrees in Sin City. Of course, the Sphere is air conditioned, but the outside is not!

Don’t miss listening to “Hackney Diamonds.” It’s one of those records that gets better at every turn. So far it’s found about 150,000 fans in the US. But once a tour begins, sales will take off.

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