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Mariah Carey’s long run as the Queen of Christmas has been halted.

Carey’s perennial hit, All I Want for Christmas is You, has knocked to number 5 on the holiday charts.

The new number 1 is called Fairytale of Philadephia, sung by The Philly Specials with Travis Kelce and his brother Jason. NFL star Kelce is riding a crest of popularity right now as the boyfriend of Taylor Swift. “Fairytale” is at number 1 and 3 on the iTunes holiday chart. The Philly Specials also have a version of “AllI Want” at number 8.

Also on the chart before Carey: “Wrap Me Up” by Jimmy Fallon and Megan Trainor; and “Christmas Isn’t Christmas” by Bon Jovi. Next come up a bunch of staples from Brenda Lee and Nat King Cole. And hovering over all of this are Cher’s tracks from her new Christmas album including “Christmas Baby (Please Come Home”) with Darlene Love. The pair are performing on the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting show November 28th and again on “The View” December 15th.

Mariah is never down for the count. She will fight back, I’m sure. But Travis Kelce may just be too much for her this year!

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