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Kanye West dropped a new song? record? rap? on a Chicago radio station tonight.

It’s called Vultures, and it’s certainly by one. The song, for lack of a better word, is antisemitic and gross. It attacks his former manager, Scooter Braun, who is Jewish with these lyrics:

How i’m anti-semitic? i just fucked a jewish bitch
I just fucked scooter’s bitch and we ran up like olympics

He’s disgusting. Kanye has already lost his businesses. This just shows how malevolent and sick he remains. He should only be shunned. Here we have fine people like Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, who’ve served this country and humanity, now each in hospice. Are they being replaced with this POS? Is this what it’s all come to?

If any radio station plays this, turn it off and report them to the FCC.

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