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The Beatles continue their roll on the charts.

“Now and Then,” the new single, is at number 6 on iTunes and selling like crazy. Last week it sold 120,000 copies (with streaming).

The new news is that the Red and Blue greatest hits albums, remixed in dazzling sound, are hits as well.

The two double albums are set to sell around 35,000 copies apiece this week. Hitsdailydouble has predicted the numbers.

That’s an equivalent of 70,000 in sales. But since they’re double albums, it’s actually 140,000 copies.

The Red album — 1962-66 — is selling more on streaming than on downloads or CDs/LPs, which doesn’t make sense. The remixes on the Red album were mostly unavailable before these editions. The Blue album — 1967-70 — is selling more physical copies. In the end, you can’t have one without the other.

Of course, the Blue album includes “Now and Then.” It also includes a new mix of “Revolution,” a frighteningly mad punk rock record that is lightyears before its time and continues to be absolutely remarkable looking back at 1968. It was the flipside, believe it or not, of “Hey Jude.”

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