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Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” is meeting a new Waterloo.

Last night in Paris, star Joaquin Phoenix showed up with wife Rooney Mara, bypassed the press, and left the screening early according to Variety.

At least got a first class trip to Paris, right?

Reviews for “Napoleon” are mixed to negative, with Rotten Tomatoes current score at 62% — and falling. I’m sorry I missed last night’s screening in New York. Apparently, “Napoleon” is very funny, which is not what you’d expect from an epic about a man who looted the world as he pillaged it.

Vanessa Kirby, however, is getting good notices as Josephine.

Among the publications that didn’t like it: Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair, and The Wrap. In Variety, Peter DeBruge wrote: “Napoleon ultimately suffers from the same problem as its subject: The film’s ambitions are greater than the people demand, as Scott bites off more than he can manage.”

“Napoleon” opens next week.

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