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The big celebrity book drop is over, with total sales wobbling, if not outright collapsing.

Britney Spears started strong with 415,000 copies of “The Woman in Me
in her debut week. But second week sales more accurately reflect what happened: 132,000 was the number, which brings the total a still very healthy 550,000 according to Circana Bookscan.

That’s a drop of 68%. The first week sales were inflated by pre-orders, audio books, and ebooks. Literally every piece of gossip from the book has been revealed by now, and Justin Timberlake has been thoroughly trashed in service of selling copies — which was undeserved.

Now comes news that Margot Robbie wants to make an “I, Tonya” kind of movie about Britney, or “Barbie Gone Mad.” It’s not a good idea. Brad Pitt’s production company is said to be looking at a film, too. But Britney is nuts, and pathetic, and no movie about her would be pleasant to watch. And her fans don’t want to see her satirized.

Meanwhile, Jada Pinkett Smith’s negativity tour was a bust. She’s sold just 33,000 copies of “Worthy.” That’s really nothing for all the pain she inflicted on all of us, and how bad she made Will Smith look. She threw everyone under the bus, but the bus seems to have backed up over her. The great thing about this kind of gossip is that it has a short shelf life. Jada’s whining and stomping of her feet feels very old now even though it was just a month ago.

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