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Adidas has a new antisemitism problem following Kanye West’s massive scandal from last year.

A Twitter account called @Stopantisemitism has uncovered a violent from an Adidas event producer named

Amaury Letort. With his firm SuperBien, Letort worked for Adidas in 2021. He’s currently working for Punchbot.com, a design firm.

He wrote in a post: “I hope your ancestors died in ovens and it will be the same for you and your family soon during a 2nd Shoah (fingers crossed). When that happens, I’m going to sh*t on Israeli flags while dancing.”

This is unacceptable, of course, and disgusting. It’s also alarming because the more Americans — and especially New Yorkers — call what’s happening in Gaza “genocide,” and demanding a ceasefire, they are creating a fervent level of antisemitism that will take decades to undo — if that’s even possible. This is the result, as well as hundreds of antisemitic attacks around the country, such as swasikas spray painted in places like Montauk on Long Island.

Stop the rhetoric now.

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