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Last night, Marvel Studios broke a record. It was one they didn’t want.

“The Marvels” opened to around $14.5 million, and had the lowest Thurs-Fri opening ever for a Disney-Marvel release with $21.3 million. (In 2008, “The Incredible Hulk” opened to $200K less, but it was at Universal and pre- the Disney MCU run.)

If the superhero sequel makes $50 million for the weekend, they’ll be lucky.

It’s an ironic turn of events since “Captain Marvel,” its predecessor, was the highest grossing female superhero action film.

But everything has gone wrong here, it seems, from the idea to the execution.

What’s really upsetting for Disney-Marvel is that “The Marvels” cost $200 million. It will never break even but it will lose a lot of money.

No one can blame star Brie Larson. The strike prevented her from doing any publicity until late this week. She appeared on the Tonight show and turned up at a theater last night to meet fans.

Disney should have held “The Marvels” until it could be properly promoted. Even if it wasn’t the best Marvel Universe film ever, it wouldn’t have bombed so precipitously.

Now Disney will get to feel the way DC/Warner’s has so many times. And that’s all, folks!


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