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Mariah Carey may have cornered the market on Christmas. But Michael Jackson is the King Ghoul.

According to Luminate, Jackson’s song, “Thriller” outsold Bobby Boris Pickett’s “Monster Mash” on October 31st.

The totals including streaming were 49,000 vs. 45,000.

Altogether, “Thriller” sold over 106,000 copies last week in streams and downloads. The “Thriller” album — the best selling album of all time — sold 20,474 copies as well.

Jackson fans are waiting to see where the Billboard charts put the song tomorrow. Whatever chart position is arrived at, clearly “Thriller” won Halloween week by a landslide.

Next year, the fans — who really made this happen as a grassroots affair — can team up with Jackson’s label, Epic, to go even higher!

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