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What do Jason Momoa and Timothee Chalamet know about the SAG strike?

They’ve each booked dates to host “Saturday Night Live” soon — Chalamet this Saturday and Momoa on November 18th.

Do they, or “SNL,” have inside info on the strike ending? They are not contracted to the show and not part of the net code contract. (Net code actors must adhere to their contracts — like soap opera actors and talk show hosts.) They are also promoting movies from a big company — Warner Bros. Chalamet stars in “Wonka” and Momoa is in “Aquaman 2.”

Could the strike be over this week? So far SAG says it’s reviewing the studios “last, best, and final offer.” Generally work on the show starts on Tuesday, which is tomorrow. If SAG didn’t want members dressing up as movie characters for Halloween, it’s hard to imagine they approved of this.

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