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Taylor Swift broke her own record this week.

She had her top selling debut week for any of her albums with “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” Hitsdailydouble.com puts the total at 1.56 million.

Most of those were from physical sales — CDs, LPs, and paid downloads. That total was a shocking 1.280 million. Only 300K were streaming equivalent although Swift took up most of the streaming chart last week.

The re-recorded “1989” album out sold the debut week for the original “1989,” which adds to the craziness.

Not so happy would be Shamrock Capital, which bought the original “1989” and five other masters from Scooter Braun for $330 million. Swift has wiped out the original albums by re-recording them. Braun is said to have encouraged Shamrock to buy the masters despite the threat of the re-recordings. He told them the value would go up.

But the original “1989” has sold just 32,000 physical copies in 2023. With streaming, the number is 1.1 million. But it’s far cry from the new version.

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