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And she doesn’t sing a word of it.

Barbra Streisand’s “My Name is Barbra” drops on Tuesday. It’s 992 pages long.

So how long is the Audible audio version?

Forty eight — yes 48 hours — and 15 minutes. Binge listening would require two solid days.

As Broadway star Michael Urie quipped on Twitter, “I could have done it in 30.”

So far “My Name is Barbra” has not gotten a lot of publicity. Vanity Fair excerpted a piece about Robert Redford and “The Way We Were.” Only one tantalizing anecdote has made the rounds, about Marlon Brando propositioning Streisand when she was married to Elliot Gould.

Otherwise, I’m told the book is short on juice and long on philosophy. That doesn’t seem possible given its length. But there are no review copies so far, so we don’t know.

What I hope for is Barbra telling like it was about dealing with the movie studios, how the films she directed were developed, how the records were made, and so on.

And no she doesn’t sing on those 48 hours. But her speaking voice will be mellifluous!

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