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UPDATE: “Eras” made about $30 million in its international release, so AMC can say it “broke” $100 million worldwide.

SUNDAY MORNING Taylor Swift’s fans are young, many in grade or middle school. They have to get their homework done. The result? No screenings of “The Eras Tour” this week, or next, or at all, from Monday through Thursday.

That’s right. Swift insisted in her distribution deal that theaters wouldn’t show “Eras” the first three days of the week so kids could get their homework done. Swift didn’t want her audience to lose sleep and get low grades. After all, this is a three hour event!

This weekend, “Eras” failed to crash the $100 million barrier from Thursday through today. AMC is guesstimating $95-97 million total. Predictions (including my own) had the film at around $113 million based on advance sales and Thursday previews. But the whole “$100 million advance ticket sales” thing blew up in all our faces!

Swift and AMC won’t cross that $100 mil ticket barrier now until Thursday. They’re leaving a lot of money on the table by cancelling three days’ worth of shows.

This may be one reason the big studio distributors didn’t want “Eras” in the first place. They didn’t want to miss $15 million a day this week, which is what AMC is giving up.

It’s nevertheless the highest grossing concert film of all time.

And what about adults? Have you heard the words “Taylor Swift” enough to make you want to shake it all off, create a blank space, and make you never ever want to hear her name again? Yes, indeed. Will it ever end? Are you wondering where Travis Kelce is getting his outfits, like the strange jackets and red tuxedo pants? No? I’m with you.

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