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George Clooney is not leaving Italy for France, Lake Como for Provence.

Clooney told an AP reporter this week that the story wasn’t true, that the NY Post just made it up. He loved the price the Post said he was getting for it, though — “A hundred seven million dollars!” he exclaims.

The Post ran their first story on September 7th saying Clooney and wife Amal were definitely decamping. The Post: “We’re told Clooney, whom sources have described as “like the mayor of the lake” has pulled the trigger this time. Our source told us it’s a “very quiet listing” which we’re guessing means you won’t find it on Streeteasy!”

Two weeks later, the Post followed up with a lengthy story saying that Clooney had found a buyer. Clooney denied it but the Post left that out of their headline and just went on quoting an Italian realtor was insisted it was true.

So here’s what George has to say:

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