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Not a sterling weekend at the box office, as we expected.

Disney spent at least $100 million making the very good sci fi movie, “The Creator.” But the title is terrible, no one knows what it is, and so receipts were minimal — just $14 million. What a shame. Lack of promotion played a big part, but also just indifference. “The Creator” is a film you’ll recommend to friends in years to come, and they will say they never heard of it. Too bad.

“PAW Patrol” the sequel won the weekend with $23 million. Families needed a movie, and this was it. The first “PAW Patrol” made a total of $40 million, but that was two years ago in the middle of the pandemic panic.

“Saw X” — was there a Saw 9? Anyway, good reviews pushed this one to $18 million, which is probably what it cost.

Sony expanded “Dumb Money” but did nothing to help it. so the total was $3.5 million. Again, when it’s streaming people will say “That was a good movie, how come I didn’t know about it?”

The biggest calamity remains “Expendables 4,” which has so far earned just $13.2 million, which is what Sylvester Stallone spends on lunch.

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