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The SAG strike is starting to kill the box office.

Last night the top three movies had middling to poor openings simply because no one in their casts can promote them.

“Saw X,” which got good reviews, “PAW Patrol,” a family film, and “The Creator,” top notch sci fi that looks amazing — all of them landed with a thud.

Why? Ordinarily, for example,”The Creator” star John David Washington would have been on every talk show. Allison Janney would have been everywhere, getting great reviews. The little girl from the movie would have been in People. There would have been premieres in New York and Los Angeles to generate excitement.

But with the SAG strike, everyone is immobilized. Millions and millions of dollars are being flushed away.

Luckily, the studios and the union will begin on Monday to resolve their conflicts. If it takes more than week, the business is sunk. The conventional wisdom now is that the studios, if they want to save the fall and holidays, will have to make concessions quickly and bring this to an end.

Meantime, go see “The Creator.” It’s excellent. Washington ably carries the brilliant looking, smart film. If you liked “Rogue Nation,” you’ll love Gareth Davis’s sensational film.

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