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Review: “Fair Play” Sizzles As Low Key High Intensity Hit About Hot Couple in Clandestine Office Relationship


“Fair Play” is the edgiest, coolest, sexiest and most provocative film of the year.  This Netflix film is directed and written by Chloe Domont and is her first feature.  Domont has directed TV shows including “Billions,” “Ballers,” and “Suits” and she hits a grand slam with this edge of your seat erotic thriller.

Emily (Phoebe Dynevor) and Luke (Alden Ehrenreich) are two co-workers at the Once Crest Capital hedge-fund.  The lovebirds are involved in a clandestine relationship which is a violation of company policy.  But the pair are passionately besotted; , the film begins at a family wedding where they can’t keep their hands off each other which results in an offbeat in oh so many ways marriage proposal. 

But then the harsh reality sets in; there’s the job that they both covet, that of Portfolio Manager along with all the bells and whistles and money that go with it.  Both are surprised when Emily gets the job, and that’s where this film really starts its’ intense engines.  Luke starts to undermine her, Emily does the same to him.  The ping pong of gender politics, discrimination,  emasculated masculinity and Emily’s struggle to prove she’s earned her promotion are all in play. 

Can their relationship survive the upheaval?  The filmmaker pulls no punches, and has no favorites.  Both Dynevor and Ehrenreich have never been better; she plays her role with grit and steeliness and compassion, he is equally all over the map and becomes diminished before our eyes.  The always terrific Eddie Marsan plays the boss. “Fair Play”  doesn’t waste a second, every scene, every word matters.  Definitely one of the best films of the year.   

“Fair Play” is in select theaters starting September 29th and streams on Netflix October 6th.

Watch the trailer here; https://youtu.be/vICUPlr3EEI?si=VN2puJ6WjUvDLtSL

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