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The Golden Globes are busy purging more old Hollywood Foreign Press members.

I told you this morning they’d already dumped three including Munawar Hosain, a man who never said no to a free trip or junket, and Aniko Navai.

Now they’ve bought out 15 more including longtime members like Dagmar Dunlevy, Erkki Kanto, Noel de Souza, Alexander Nevsky (about whom I wrote several amusing stories).

The new Globes are buying out these people and presumably making them sign NDAs.

Tim Gray and Helen Hoehne (she’s from the old group) are now running the show for Penske/Eldridge, the same company that owns Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline, as well as DIck Clark Productions.

A date of January 7, 2024 is set for a broadcast, although no TV partner has been announced. Getting rid of all this dead wood will go a long way to revive the Globes.

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