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“Moonlighting” is finally coming to streaming.

The famed and beloved Cybill Shepherd-Bruce Willis TV that ran from 1988 to 1992 will be on Hulu any minute.

The reason we’ve never seen it before? Music clearances. They’re finally all done.

Glenn Gordon Caron was the writer-producer. It was his show. Back then, Shepherd and Willis, a newcomer, were at each other’s throats. The show as a big comeback for Shepherd, who played Maddie Hayes, and a launching pad for Willis, who’d been a theater actor and a bartender up to that point.

The banter between Willis and Shepherd on screen is memorable, almost as good as the stuff written back in the day for Tracy and Hepburn in their classic films. While the mysteries became thinner and thinner, the meta stuff of the show– including sizzling musical numbers — are memorable.

Looking forward to also seeing Allyce Beasley as Miss DiPesto and Curtis Armstrong as Herbert. They were all magic.

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