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The Golden Globes are busy with announcements.

They’re adding two unnecessary categories. The first is Best Box Office Hit. They will give an award to the best movie that made over $150 million worldwide, $100 domestic. This means “Barbie” or “Oppenheimer” will get an award no matter what. This is pandering to the TV network that shows the Globes, which has yet to be announced. My guess is they’re going back to NBC, which is owned by Universal, so “Oppenheimer” will drop that bomb.

The Globes are also adding Best Stand Up Comedian on TV. This is because the group is generally associated with humor. This seems like a sop to Netflix and HBO, which produce comedy specials. Maybe Ricky Gervais will win.

On Friday the Globes ousted three members. Two of them — Munawar Hosain and Aniko Navai — have been there for decades and probably should have been purged a long time ago. A third more recent member, a woman named Howaida Hamdy, was publishing antisemitic rhetoric on social media.

In the changeover from the Hollywood Foreign Press to this new configuration we were told that there would be lots of new members. But so far about 65 of the original 90 remain, maybe more. And there is one Black member of the new Membership Board of eight people. I think they misunderstood the assignment.

What network? Which host? I guess these things are coming.

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