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Reports are coming fast and furious that the Writers Guild and the AMPTP have finally reached an agreement after 146 days of a strike.

The two parties met today at 10zm and finally came to an agreement about artificial intelligence and the size of writers’ rooms on TV shows. They met yesterday, then everyone thought they’d gone home. But I was told last night the parties were still hacking it out well into the wee hours.

AMPTP negotiator Carol Lombardini Tweeted tonight: “well we laughed, we cried, we fucked around, we found out, we murdered some trees and we wished a little light homelessness on certain people, but overall i think we can all agree i personally did a great job! now if you’ll excuse us we need to go atone!!!!!!”

It’s a little unclear when everyone goes back to work. The agreement has to be ratified by members of the Guild. But by the end of this week talk shows, for example, will be able to start up again.

Next is the SAG AFTRA strike, which also has to resolved and ratified. Another week for them? If the WGA contract is like the DGA, SAG will probably pick up main elements.

It’s a Yom Kippur miracle!

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