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This weekend was not for the box office.

After a booming summer this weekend was the lowest, year to date. The total came to just under $49 million. Yikes. This was the sixth weekend in a row not to hit $100 million.

The number 1 movie was a horror, literally, with just $8.3 million.

For some reason, Sony isn’t really releasing “Dumb Money,” the best film they’ll have all this year. They’ve kept it in a limited release purgatory for some reason, where it’s dying.

“Dumb Money” is terrific but has no marketing. Of course they can’t do much direct PR for it because of the strikes. But some kind of PR could be done, and some advertising. Or Sony should have waited.

This coming week we’ll get the excellent “The Creator,” which should be a massive hit — go see it if you like sci-fi, Star Wars, and Oscar winning cinematography — and the bloody “Saw X,” which I’ll skip, thanks.

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