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I did dip in and out of the Global Citizen concert on You Tube.

When it started, there were 250,000 people watching. That number decreased quickly to the point when Lauryn Hill staged a surprise Fugees reunion she was at 50,000.

By the time the Red Hot Chili Peppers played, there were 31,000 people left online.

Too bad because both acts were excellent. Lauryn Hill was phenomenal. All I could think was, what if she’d had a real recording career instead of releasing one album 25 years ago?

Anyway, Hugh Jackman was a no show despite being this ridiculous group’s ambassador. The stars were mostly not super, though adequate. This wasn’t Woodstock or Live Aid. It was definitely a concert for K Pop fans.

Tomorrow night there’s a 10pm special on ABC which will have the highlights. It’s on against football, it’s a filler, and won’t have any ratings. And still the Global Citizen execs get paid those big bucks for putting on this meh event.

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