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So much for “The Masters.”

Jann Wenner’s new book — which sounds like it’s about golf — is a dud three days before publication.

“The Masters” now sits at around number 5,993 on Amazon. It will be published Tuesday and probably on remainder shelves by Thanksgiving.

Wenner destroyed the book and his reputation last when he told the New York Times he only had old white men subjects in the collection of interviews because Black and female artists weren’t articulate enough.

It was maybe the stupidest answer to a question from a non politician in 50 years. Wenner became an instant pariah. He was immediately disowned by Rolling Stone, the magazine he founded, and booted from the board of directors at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He also cancelled all promotional activities.

Wenner”s poor publisher, Little Brown, must be hysterical. There’s nothing they can do to fight back. It’s a total loss. They can only hope the first edition was a small one.

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