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Donald Trump is now suggesting that General Mark Milley should have been put to death over the disorganized withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Trump squeals on social media: “In times gone by the punishment would have been DEATH!”

(In what times, exactly? Not in American history. I doubt Trump knows much about any times gone by. Was this something he saw at Medieval Times restaurant?)

Milley, who is about to step down from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He told The Atlantic magazine in a new interview a bunch of anecdotes about horrible things Trump said about people in his presence.

One of those comments concerned an Army captain who’d suffered two heart attacks, two strokes, and brain damage after five tours of duty. Trump allegedly said, “Why do you bring people like that here? No one wants to see that, the wounded.”

This is no surprise. Remember when Trump made fun of a disabled reporter during a press conference?

So this is Trump’s response to Milley. Why would anyone vote for this despicable creature?

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