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Rupert Murdoch is done.

Just like Logan Roy on “Succession,” Murdoch has finished his run as head of global news media conglomerate he started. Only Rupert didn’t wait to keel over. He has resigned as of next month.

Murdoch is turning News Corp, Fox News and all of it over to his own “Kendall,” son Lachlan. Rupert will likely a Chairman Emeritus, saying he’ll advise his son. But the 92 year old will no longer shape the daily opinions of millions of readers.

Murdoch gave the surprise story to CNBC, which broke it at 9am. As of 9:23am, the New York Post– which he owns — didn’t have it on their website. Fox News. which he also owns, played the story as Murdoch transitioning to Chairman Emeritus, not resigning or stepping down. But that’s what he’s doing,

What will this mean for Donald Trump? Murdoch fluctuates in his support of Trump, not knowing what to as the four time indicted ex president continually complains about him, then panders to him. Will Lachlan Murdoch find his own GOP candidate?

And what does this mean for the New York Post? Rupert Murdoch’s pet newspaper has staggering losses every year. Will Lachlan shut down the print part of the paper? Or sell the whole thing? And is there anyone to buy it? Stay tuned…

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