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Rupert Murdoch is leaving his role as head of News Corp and Fox News just as the company is suffering staggering legal blows.

Already this year Dominion Voting has won $787 million from Murdoch in a libel case about voter fraud. The jury decision is devastating even if insurance pays part of it.

Fox News and News Corp still face a second and bigger libel suit from Smartmatic, another voting machine company alleging libel in the 2020 election.

Lies are told on Fox News on a daily basis. At the New York Post, the printed lies and insults can’t be taken back. For example, several years ago the Post printed pictures on their front page of the men they said were the bombers at the Boston Marathon. They were completely wrong.

During Rupert’s recent years, Fox News has also had to make payouts to many women who claimed sexual harassment. The network has also let go of two of its biggest stars, Bill O’Reilly and Tucker Carlson, for respectively sexual misconduct and dangerous lunacy.

How will a post-Murdoch world deal with Smartmatic and other pressures? Will the Post — which loses millions every year and has no pay wall — survive? Everything changes now as Lachlan Murdoch becomes a relatively young press baron.

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