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As we know, Donald Trump does not hold back from speaking on any subject.

On his Truth Social. he’s railed against his judges and prosecutors so much that Jack Smith had to get a gag order against him.

Trump has threatened witnesses, warned off competitors, and is now pouring on negative comments about Joe Biden, Chris Christie, and Ron De Santis.

But it’s been four hours since Rupert Murdoch announced he’s stepping down from running Fox News and News Corp including the New York Post and Wall Street Journal.

Trump’s unbridled response? Crickets. Nothing. He hasn’t said a word.

Trump was obviously caught off guard by the announcement. Murdoch shared the advance word with no one. But Trump is obviously a little nervous about what to do next. He has no relationship with Lachlan Murdoch. Trump has always dealt with and at Rupert, whose endorsement he needs in his futile effort to regain the White House.

Also Trump has castigated Fox News as recently as this morning, criticizing Fox and Friends for not running some poll showing Trump ahead in his red states.

So now what? We’ll wait and see what he does in relation to Lachlan and how he proceeds from here. But silence is not his strong suit. I’ll update if he finally hits the keys on his phone.

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