Home Media Trump Claims His Intervention Got Texas AG Acquitted, Lies About Who (Republicans)...

Last May, Texas’s Republican-led House of Representatives impeached state Attorney General Ken Paxton on Saturday on articles including bribery and abuse of public trust.

The vote in the Texas house was 121-23. It was almost all Republicans. After all the balance in the House is 85-64 in favor of Republicans.

But Donald Trump lied today (surprise) on his social media platform.

He wrote: “Yes, it is true that my intervention through TRUTH SOCIAL saved Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton from going down at the hands of Democrats and some Republicans, headed by PAUL RINO (Ryan), Karl Rove, and others, almost all of whom came back to reason when confronted with the facts. Ken has been a great A.G., and now he can go back to work for the wonderful people of Texas. It was my honor to have helped correct this injustice!”

Well, it wasn’t Democrats and “some” Republicans– it was ALL Republicans. And whether or not Trump’s “intervention” helped Paxton remained to be seen — unless it involved something illegal.


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