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The Writers Guild has now completely shut down Hollywood.

All the major daytime and nighttime talk show are in reruns continuing tomorrow, the beginning of the 2023-24 season.

Only Tamron Hall and Sherri Shepherd are not signed to the WGA so they will continue. Bill Maher will work with scabs, which is not a good look for HBO.

“The View” and “Live with Kelly and Mark” will continue without writers.

Everything else — since May — is in repeats.

Of course, the fear is, viewers won’t return when the strikes are over. But they will. It’s just time for the studios to settle the strikes and move forward.

All of Hollywood is now “dark.” No prime time, either. Who’s also suffering? The music and record biz. The artists have few outlets now for promotion. Sales are down because of it. Although tiktok and social media play a part in it now, there’s no better way to introduce a record than on one of these talk shows.

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