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It’s a given that Donald Trump is a gas bag and a Luddite, a man who stands for the backward direction of humanity.

But his rant this morning against electric cars is simply hilarious. I don’t even think it has anything to do with Elon Musk. Trump fears progress on any level. He’d like a car fueled by Ivermectin.

And this has nothing to do with UAW workers. He could give a rat’s ass about them.

Like all his rally followers, UAW workers would never be allowed in his home for 10 seconds. He just wants to live in 1955, a simpler time when his parents were racists and treated him like crap. The good old days.

Electric cars, Trump declares, pose “certain atmospheric dangers.” He’s suddenly worried about the atmosphere? LOL. He himself is a giant pollutant.

BTW It does look like Trump wrote Electric Chairs, realized it and then crossed out part of the second word. Even better!

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