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PS Sorry– Junior took down the video which showed him and the kid murdering unsuspecting animals in Africa, and high-fiving each other. But the picture of Donnie III grinning over a dead zebra says it all.

So the cancerous mind of Donald Trump Sr, which we knew traveled to the mind of his idiot son, Junior has now infected Jr’s son called Donnie.

Junior has posted a disgusting 14 minute video of a hunting trip he and Donnie took to Tanzania in Africa. There they are are killing precious animals — which they call game — including zebras.

If looking at Junior in his coke-fueled videos wasn’t enough to make you vomit, this should do it.

All bets are off now on Donnie Trump, who’s 14 and is being raised to follow in the moronic and dangerous footsteps of his forebears. Every pro-animal organization in the world should condemn these asshats.

If only one of these brave animals turned around and ate this pair for lunch! Or if only they shot each other by accident!

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