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Rachel Maddow is always golden on her weekly Monday night show.

This week was no different as Maddow topped the prime time ratings for MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News. She beat Hannity and everyone else on Fox after the sun went down.

Maddow was second only to Fox News’s “The Five” which actually is at 5pm and not prime time. It’s for shut-ins and retired people who don’t want to watch “Modern Family” reruns. Unfortunately, it’s not as funny.

Maddow lifted the whole MSNBC line up against Fox. Lawrence O’Donnell came within inches of taking Greg Gutfeld’s 10pm show.

Let’s hope Maddow is resting up for a busy season in which she may have to appear more often. Four Trump trials and the primaries will require her presence!

BTW CNN’s high mark on Monday night was Erin Burnett with 731K eyes. Anderson Cooper fell off right after her to 618,000.

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