Home strike Strike Update: “Drew Barrymore Show” Audience Member Says He Was Kicked Out...

So far the return of Drew Barrymore’s talk show is not going well.

Dominic Turiczek and his friends won tickets to today’s taping of the first episode of the new season. He didn’t know about the WGA strike but he does now. On his way in. Turiczek was handed a WGA strike pin. But when he got inside the taping, he was thrown out.

Today’s taping included Brooke Shields, a member of SAG AFTRA, which is on strike, and her producer, Ali Wentworth, wife of George Stephanopolous, promoting their documentary which is not part of any strike. No one seems to know about bad optics. This is a bad look, ladies, and not going to win friends or Emmy voters.


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