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Elvis has left the building — literally.

Sources tell me that “Elvis” star Austin Butler and his girlfriend, Kaia Gerber — daughter of Cindy Crawford — were among the celebs who walked out of the catastrophe at the Burning Man Festival.

Already known is that Chris Rock and record producer Diplo escaped by jumping into a stranger’s truck.

Burning Man was hit by torrential rains that caused flooding and mud that made the original Woodstock look like a spa day. The festival was cancelled but no one could leave because the roads were blocked. A mass exodus is taking place now by foot and auto.

As for Butler, it’s unknown if he was forced to do his Elvis impression for whoever rescued him and Gerber. He probably did say, “Thank you, ma’am.” Gerber, om the other hand, may have had to promise a case of Casamigas Tequila to anyone who helped. Her dad, Rande Gerber, and George Clooney, own the brand!

PS If there had been no SAG or WGA strike, Butler would have been in Telluride where his new movie, “Bikeriders,” premiered this weekend.

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